Vet Respite at La Biósfera 
Veterans may wish to participate in facilitated discussions with ex-combatants from the 1980s War, share experiences with serious, humorous and talented ex-Sandinista and ex-Contra guerrillas, learn how peace and reconciliation were achieved in the immediate wake of a battering civil war and share their methods for trauma relief and consensus building. 

Stay for a week, a month, as long as needed...
It's an absolute travesty that our brave men and women returning from active military service lack the necessary tools to properly assimilate back into their families and communities, becoming so afflicted with despair they have been taking their own lives at an unprecedented rate, estimated to be as many as 22 per day.
We encourage you to explore La Biósfera Mountain Retreat in northern Jinotega, Nicaragua where you, your loved one or a sponsored vet can decompress from the fog of war, receive physical & spiritual healing*, and regain the strength and peace of mind to face future challenges head on.
Rustic lodging and organic meals to be provided where much of the war was at its most intense. Retreat from the grind in an earthbag bunker, "glamp" (glamorously camp) in sumptuous rubber bunks made of 400 year-old red zapotillo wood and recycled belts from sliced truck tires..

Temescal sauna, plunge pool, as well as cleansing, alignment and massage therapies available... Trails, bat cave, waterfalls, eco-solutions, & BYO grill and kitchen available for foodie-cook guests as desired. 

Spectacular view of the city of Jinotega (Hee-no-TAY-gah) at 2kms, the intriguing coffee, cattle, produce and vaquero capital of Nicaragua. Telescope and a variety of musical instruments onsite ... guitar, saxophone, violin, harmonica, zampoña, quena, maracas, & bongos.

Professional mixologist attendant with organic cocktails – the Nicaraguan macuá (guava/ orange/rum); Cuban mojito (lime/mint/rum); and American martinis (stirred, not shaken).  

Roll your own tobacco from quality “Scandinavian Select” leaves from nearby Estelí; cigars on site too. 

No sweat Yoga at 7:30am, optional! 
Time for some R & R...
Reserve & Retreat, Respite & Rehab, Regain & Reprogram, Rest & Relaxation
Your Hosts:  The Twins
Anticipate a $750 flight to Managua,** and $25 a day, a little less if you are able to do a work exchange.  La Biósfera is a work in progress, and holes need to be dug, stones need to be laid, in addition to many other tasks.  This includes Managua airport pick-up and return, lodging per night, three mostly organic squares daily (best free-range beef and pork found in Jinotega, vegetarians well accommodated), free “Highlander Coffee,” delicious and curative teas daily, and a consultation with local shaman if your visit includes a Tuesday or Friday. 

A Companion Sponsorship is strongly encouraged; Bible study provided with additional Companion.
La Biósfera Mountain Retreat is owned and operated as a land and water stewardship Trust by Suzanne Wopperer, who was engaged in events of the 1980s as a US Marine cryptoanalytic linguist and who was also a communicator with the U.S. Institute of Peace in the 1990s.
Suzanne engages in multiple spiritual disciplines. 
Also a former Marine, Julianne (Wopperer) Thompson is currently owner of Mini-Mixer LLC, Founder of TEA New York and Buffalo's Monticello, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government.  She is a conservative Christian and lives with her family in Western New York.
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*Vet Respite/La Biósfera does not provide professional PTSD counseling services.
**Cost may vary depending on the price of flights, anticipated dates of departure and return